Monday, January 23, 2012

When the Cuckold Is Not Into Humiliation

By Ms Dusty of Cuckold Fantasies

Not all cuckolds have a strong desire to be humiliated. It seems the majority of people believe that if the husband is a cuckold in his relationship, he must have a small penis, or some other physical or sexual inadequacy, making it necessary for the wife to sleep with other men to get satisfied. However, this is not always the case: not all cuckolds have a desire to be humiliated. Let's look at some reasons why.

The Cuckold Voyeur

In some instances, the cuckold husband has a strong desire to live out his voyeuristic fantasies. This is especially true of husbands who are proud of their wives. The husband wants to show her off. Coincidently, the cuckold wants to actually watch another man enjoy his sexy wife. This can be very erotic for everyone involved, especially if she is proud of her body and wants to show if off as well. Again, this has little to do with humiliating the cuckold. Rather, he lives out his fantasy of "watching." It is very rewarding to the cuckold to share something so erotic with the woman he loves.

The Generous Cuckold Husband

Some men get really turned on bragging to their buddies about how hot their wife is. In fact, this is extremely common. Plenty of men love to boast about the hot piece of ass they get to "experience" whenever the mood strikes them. When this type of man gets into cuckolding, he approaches it out of the desire to give his buddy a gift (his wife). He would like his friend to experience the same pleasure he receives from his wife. What better gift to give your buddy? As you can imagine, this kind of sex has little to do with humiliating the cuckold. It's about sharing the wealth, or in this case, the wife.

Cuckold Husbands and their "Slut Wives"

Sometimes the cuckold has strong desires for his wife to be a prostitute, or slut wife. This could be more related to humiliating the slut wife, instead of humiliating the cuckold. He wants to basically act as her pimp. In this case, he may not even want to watch it. He may have a fantasy of his wife essentially acting as a prostitute with several men. He may just get off on listening to his slut wife as she relays all the erotic details to him after the fact.

The Giving Cuckold Husband

Another aspect of a cuckolded husband could be that he just wants his wife to experience something different. He has the desire to break free from the boring vanilla sex the couple is used to. He wants to introduce new and diverse sex to his wife. He has aspirations of spicing up the couple's sex life. Cuckolding can possess all the elements of a powerful, sexual diversion the couple is craving.

The Dominant Cuckold

The cuckold wants to dominate his wife. He desires to make his wife subservient to other men's wishes. In this case, the cuckold wants to demonstrate complete control over his submissive wife. This also works for her as well, if she has a desire to be submissive.

The Competitive Cuckold
The cuckold has a desire to compete for his wife. Some men, love the chase, and fantasize about it. When you finally marry the person you love. The chase has diminished. By the cuckold bringing another man in the bedroom, he is essentially recreating that competition that was lost when they married. He is now able to "compete" for his wife again.

As you can see, there are many reasons a cuckold is not humiliated in the relationship. I could list many more, but I think you get the idea. Just because a man has stated he wants to be cuckolded does not necessarily mean he wants humiliation. In fact I have talked to several cuckolds, who have no intentions of being humiliated at all 

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